World War M: Paris, 11/13/15

Musik: Kai Wohmann, Text: Dennis Knickel

So you hate freedom and peace?
You don’t accept different beliefs?
Free thoughts is what you fight?
And suppression forms your pride?

Equality’s a danger in your eyes?
Just in fear your world view thrives?
You think you own the truth?
No asshole: You were born to lose.

It’s world war
Misanthropes’ world war
It’s world war
And y’all think you’re right.

I don’t care if you support Sharia
Or oh so occidental Maria
All you do is seeding hate
Killing freedom your cruel fate

Westboro, Nazi and PEGIDA,
Al Nusra, Daesh, al-Qaeda
Don’t you see that you’re the same?
Your fascism is mankind’s shame.

It’s world War
Misanthropes’ world War
It’s world War
And y’all think you’re right.

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